The CCT task force is proud to announce that it has taken a collaborative approach in crafting our principles and standards, particularly focusing on their seamless integration with Financial Aid Management systems. This collaboration has been instrumental in ensuring that our standards are not only effective, but also manageable within the existing software systems that educational institutions rely on. To date, the CCT has met with and is collaborating with the following Financial Aid Management software providers: 
Awarded Software
Regent Education

Since launch, the CCT task force has also formed a collaborative relationship with Meadow, a provider of student-friendly financial tools for institutions of higher education. Meadow's Net Price Calculator is student friendly, accurate, and reflects all the applicable standards of the CCT, allowing for ease in comparability when students go from looking at a Net Price Calculator to their aid offer. 

The CCT welcomes partnership with corporate and nonprofit organizations that commit to the CCT standards. However, partnerships do not imply endorsement by the College Cost Transparency Initiative, nor is their use required by any institution for CCT compliance.